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Savory Craft Spreads
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These are actually Savory Appetizer Cheesecake Spreads; including the El Diablo (A Ghost Pepper/Habanero Cheesecake with an Ancho-Chipotle Pesto), Bacon/Blue Cheese, The Horseradish and The Roasted Garlic! (Try spreading a little of these on crackers , we recommend trying a little of the El Diablo on Lime Tortilla Chips! ... And you will not believe what spreading some of the Roasted Garlic on a burger or steak right when you pull it off the grill does... or stuffing a little of the Bacon/Blue Cheese inside a burger before you grill it... OMG..

General Details:

Sold by:Decadence Gourmet
Email:Contact Us
Location:Grand Junction, Colorado

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Listing views:59
Listing expires:12/11/2019
Listing posted:09/12/2019

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