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Organic Lavender Hydrosol
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Organic Lavener Hydrosol $9.00 2 oz

At the end of the distillation process that collects the essential oil from a plant, the leftover steam containing water soluble parts of the plants chemical makeup is condensed in a separate container to the essential oil. This is a hydrosol.

Our Organic Lavender Hydrosol is distilled at The Rising Sun Ranch in small batches for the freshest Hydrosol you will find. Wonderful for relaxing, sleeping and refreshing your skin.. Great for hot flashes, just keep by your bed and spray all over, you will feel a difference right away and will go right back to sleep.. 100% pure lavender hydrosol, undiluted

Also safe to relax pets and horses.

Rising Sun Ranch Creations - Steamboat springs,

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Sold by:Rising Sun Ranch Creations
Email:Contact Us
Location:Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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Listing expires:12/28/2019
Listing posted:09/29/2019

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